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About Us

A track record of innovation.

With Cardiogenics Inc. as our parent company,we are no stranger to consistently innovating breakthroughs in our field.

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Custom solutions for your company.

Whether scientific research or instantaneous mobile diagnostics is what you are after, LuXSpheres has a solution for you.

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We make your testing easier.

Efficiency and accuracy are always paramount in biotechnology. Our proprietary and unique technology delivers on both.

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Introduction to Paramagnetic Particles

Magnetic Particles History

The history of magnetic particles began in the 80's and it was directly related to the growing interest and research based on latex applications in biology. Monodispersed latex, which was introduced in mid 70's, was initially developed as a separation resin but was very well accepted as a solid surface for binding proteins of interest followed by analysis by enzyme activity - ELISA type of assays. Learn More >>

The technology overcame the limitations of the surface area by using ordinary 96 well plates and allowed faster, repeatable and reliable analysis of analytes of interest for shorter periods of time with different levels of automation. In fact, a growing interest by researchers for a better way of separation in heterogeneous assays as well as separation of biomolecules, triggered the progress in the technology of magnetic separation and evolved the use of magnetic particles as a solid surface or separation matrix. Hide

Uses for SAVASpheres Magnetic Particles

Magnetic particles are the most widely used solid phase for testing in clinical laboratory analyzers today. Many research laboratories in both academic and industry settings rely on magnetic particles for developing new testing methods. Together with luminescent signalling as the most sensitive testing methodology available today, magnetic particles established their robust place in the mind of researchers. Learn More >>

The ease of separation together with a large surface area of magnetic particles allowed the development of automated testing systems with a very high test throughput. High sensitivity and wide dynamic range of luminescent testing that employs magnetic beads enables high throughput of samples due to fast separation and the ability to scale down reaction volumes.

The employment of magnetic particles in luminescent testing relies on a delicate balance of light output of the luminescent system and light loss due to the dark nature of magnetic pigments within the magnetic particles, however SAVASpheres magnetic particles with the proprietary silver plating have significantly improved light collection abilities and therefore remove a major barrier of employing magnetic particles in luminescent testing.

Magnetic beads are used for separating proteins, nucleic acids, hormones, diseases, markers as well as cells and bacteria. Examples are: assays for cancer tumour markers, sequencing of nucleic acids, isolation of mRNA for cloning and expression profiling as well as isolation of proteins for proteome analysis. Hide

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