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LuXSpheres Inc. was established in 2007 as a biotechnology company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of superior magnetic particles targeting the biomedical and research markets. All current commercial magnetic particles are made from dark iron oxide core. LuXSpheres Inc. and the concept of a "white bead" was developed as a solution for achieving significantly more sensitive assay results. LuXSpheres Inc. developed unique, proprietary and vastly improved magnetic particles and became the supplier to and a subsidiary of CardioGenics Inc. (the developer of the proprietary QLCA portable, stand-alone and completely automated POC immunoanalyzer).

At the heart of LuXSpheres Inc. is a core proprietary technology for the silver plating of magnetic particles which improve photon collection from light emitting applications such as chemiluminescence and bioluminescence.

LuXSpheres Inc. has successfully created silver-plated magnetic particles with significantly improved light collection abilities thereby removing a major barrier when employing magnetic particles in luminescent testing.

The LuXSpheres Inc. team is responsible for and has been involved in the development and optimization of a truly unique, new magnetic particle. Our team of research and manufacturing scientists are available for technical assistance and for the development of all custom OEM applications. The state-of-the art research laboratory and manufacturing facility is conveniently located minutes from Toronto's Pearson international airport.

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