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LuXSpheres Inc. has exclusive access to proprietary magnetic particles beads with significantly improved testing sensitivity, without necessitating the need for hardware, instrument or equipment upgrades. The proprietary magnetic particles are optimized for collecting light signals in binding tests.

SAVASpheres magnetic particles are plated with a silver layer thickness which has no impact on the magnetic moment of the particles. The SAVASpheres magnetic core material is over 70% to ensure a quick magnetic response for ease of manipulation.

The plated silver layer is extremely stable to various buffer solutions of high molarity. There is no deterioration, peeling or loss of either the silver or polymer layers in high salt solutions, the coated layers are stable in various buffers for up to 12 months. There is no evident ion leakage as assessed by various enzymes with different ion sensitivities. LuXSpheres Inc. novel magnetic particles are offered in various sizes and functional groups.

These light colored magnetic particles, available in various sizes from 1 to 50 microns, are encapsulated with a functionalized polymer shell for chemical derivatization. In some respects, SAVASpheres are similar to other commercial magnetic particles, however SAVASpheres magnetic particles stand out in several fundamental aspects that empower them with superior aspects in applications that include light collection.

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