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  • SAVASpheres magnetic particles are offered with carboxylic and amino functionality.
  • Covalent coupling of proteins to the carboxyl surface groups is easily accomplished by following our standard two or one step EDAC/ NHS procedures.
  • Covalent coupling to amine coated particles is easily accomplished by any homobifunctional or heterobufinctional amino reactive crosslinking agents.

SAVASpheres are available in a variety of sizes, the most common being 1.7µ and 2.8µ. The large batch sizes ensure consistency of silver plating and polymer coating. Master batches are available for quality control. Stable batches for up to 24 months. In addition, our quality assurance establishes and enforces standards for the various stages of manufacturing, testing and packaging.

All materials and products are tested and will only be released for further processing or final sale if results are within its specifications. Magnetic particles is the only focus and only product of LuXSpheres Inc. Our manufacturing process has been effectively simplified and streamlined to ensure batch to batch consistency for a superior product.

Our modern and flexible facility is capable of meeting all your production needs with consistency, no matter how large or small your requirements are. We continually strive to exceed industry and customer standards.

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